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The NPORS Excavator 360 course will teach delegates how to safely operate the excavator and how to carry out safety checks and procedures on the machine. It covers an understanding of the capabilities and constraints of each machine, how to understand the instructions implemented by level pegs and profiles and how to use laser equipment to work to levels. It also includes:

  • A basic understanding of working as a plant operator, including responsibilities and dangers
  • A working knowledge of the manufacturers¬† handbook for the specific model
  • Locating and identifying steering, driving and braking controls
  • Maintaining appropriate PPE for excavator use
  • Conducting pre-operational checks
  • Safely mounting and dismounting, starting and stopping the engine and moving off and stopping
  • Manoeuvring the machine safely across various terrains
  • Carrying out excavation and loading materials
  • Reinstating excavation, grade and level ground
  • End of shift and shut down procedures

Upon successful completion, candidates will receive an NPORS card for operating excavators.

To find out more information about this course or to receive a quote, please call 01924  892455